AVILLA offers mindfully crafted adornments for mystical souls.  

Inspired by natural elements and ancient spirituality, AVILLA is a collection of rustic metal basics and bohemian statement pieces worn to honor the divine feminine.

Curious what AVILLA stands for? AVILLA represents my roots. My father is from Sevilla, Spain and I have formed roots in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Los Angeles, so the name AVILLA is a combination of these places that have guided me artistically and spiritually.


AVILLA is the work of New Orleans native and Los Angeles resident Michelle Perez .

Michelle developed a love for natural crystals and minerals when relocated to Arkansas post-Hurricane Katrina. Her appreciation for crystals and handmade goods found its place in a small jewelry line in the summer of 2012.

Today, Michelle continues to individually handcraft each piece out of her studio in Los Angeles, CA.


Because each item from AVILLA is handcrafted and made-to-order, ethical and sustainable methods are ingrained into the production process.

The natural stones and supplies characteristic of AVILLA are mindfully sourced.